Charity for Eye Health

The inspiration to form this charity was the founders' passion for both eye health and two-wheeled transport. As ophthalmologists and ophthalmic health workers, it is inspiring when patients' lives are changed from such operations as cataract surgery or squint surgery. For those who live in places where health services allow this for the masses or for those who can afford these services, there is a solution to a very treatable problem. However, for those who live in poverty or in countries without adequate social health infrastructure, these options do not exist. 

Activities such as cataract surgery for impoverished tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka are supported by this charity with purchase of equipment and consumable material. Specialists from LEC are involved in educating local ophthalmologists modern techniques in eye surgery and eye care in countries such as Tanzania and rural China. Recently, in November 2014, Mr. Wong visited Xi'an to teach and treat patients at the People's Hospital of Shanxi Province (see picture). He also visited the Lifeline Express Charity train supported by the Fong Foundation.

The continued support will allow further development of our services to developing nations worldwide. We hope to use our mutual interests in motorcycling and bicycling to bring more members to join in this cause. 

We hope you can join us in future events and fundraising activities.

Thank you for your support. 

Vision rEYEders

Founders: Mr. R Wong (Chair), Dr. C Howard (Co Chair), Mr. R Rajendram

For donations, please send to:

Vision rEYEders

HSBC Chiswick High Road; Sort Code: 40 02 13; Account: 11811002