Miss Susie Morley

Speciality: Oculoplastic surgery, Periorbital reconstruction

Susana Morley is a consultant at St Thomas’ Hospital, London .

Having obtained a triple first from University of Cambridge in preclinical studies she completed her clinical medical school training at the University of Oxford.

Her training in Ophthalmology was in London, based at Moorfield's Eye Hospital. Susana Morley has extensive training in eyelid, lacrimal and orbital surgery from several of the UK’s best oculoplastic centers including Moorfield’s Eye Hospital with and the specialist oculoplastic unit at East Grinstead with Mr. Raman Malhotra.

In addition to her clinical training, Susana Morley spent several years doing research in the field of ultraviolet and infrared damage to the eye and was awarded a higher degree - an M.D. - from the University of London in respect of this work

Susana Morley has over 30 peer reviewed oculoplastic and ophthalmology publications and two textbook chapters.

Susie Morley
Susie Morley