Advanced Instruments


Latest and most advanced


The advancement of ophthalmology knowledge has made clinicians more reliant on technology to better diagnose, treat, and monitor these conditions. This not only helps the specialist, but also enhances patient care. We, at LEC, have all the latest tools available for each subspecialty.

Cornea: Pentacam(for corneal curvature, thickness, topography)

Cataract: Infiniti system (latest in cataract surgery instrumentation)

Glaucoma: Humphrey perimetry (for accurate diagnosing and monitoring visual fields), Heidlberg Retinal Tomography (for monitoring optic nerve function)

Neuro ophthalmology: Goldman perimetry (for accurate neurological field testing), MRI/CT/PET scanners (for neuro-imaging)

Retina: 3D OCT (for diagnosis, imaging, monitoring retinal conditions), PASCAL laser (for comfortable, precise, fast diabetic retinopathy treatment), Digital fundus camera (for various retinal photography and angiogram), 20/23/25 gauge vitrectomy systems (for sutureless vitreoretinal surgery)

Paediatric: Diode laser (for treatment of retinopathy of prematurity), RETCAM II (for diagnosing, monitoring retinopathy of prematurity)