Cornea Service

Experts in corneal 'disease'

If it is not a disese, we don't treat it

At LEC we not only provide refractive laser treatment (eg. LASIK, LASEK), but also complex corneal transplantation for diseases such as keratconus, rare familial corneal dystrophies, previous herpes corneal infection, and endothelial failure.

1. Diagnostics



  • Corneal topography (mapping)
  • Instant results
  •  Latest equipment available


2. Lens fitting



  • Expert optometrists
  • Experienced complex lens fitter
  • Access to wide range of lenses



3. Surgery



  • Surgery is our last resort
  • Wide range of treatment options
  • Dedicated post operative care



4. Emergency



  • We offer emergency services
  • Abrasion, foreign body, trauma
  • Experts in infection management