Cataract Service

Cataract Extraction + Lens Implant

It's not as easy as they look

Every cataract operation is different and patients should choose a surgeon who can deal with all the consequences and complexities of the operation. Our surgeons are fully trained and qualified with a wide scope of experience in dealing with difficult cases and are regularly asked by peers to assist them in treating these patients.

1. No needle, no stitch



  • Small incision cataract surgery
  • Day surgery procedure
  • Pain-free


2. Intraocular lens



  • Choice of IOLs to suit your needs
  • From leading world companies
  • Multifocal, toric, customized



3. Experience



  • Experts at difficult cataracts
  • Ability to fix complications
  • All surgeons with more than 5000 operations performed



4. Excellent results



  • Not all cataracts need surgery
  • Free of distance glasses for life
  • Vision of better than 20/20